Love Pronounce and want to promote it on TikTok?
Love Pronounce and want to promote it on TikTok?
Earn $100 for every 20,000 video views on TikTok

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**Terms & Conditions

1. Creator must post at least 1 TikTok video containing either a TikTok Shop link or Amazon link for our product.

2. This video must only feature our product and not contain other sponsored products.

3. The video must be centered around the product such as a review, commentary, comparison or similar style video. The product should not just be a feature in the video such as a vlog, day in the life, etc.

4. The video must be at least 30 seconds in length.

5. Creators will be paid 17% commission for sales that occur on TikTok Shop. Creators will also earn $100 per 20k views they receive on their video. This will expire 60 days after the video is posted.

6. Creators will be paid 30 days after their video is posted unless the creator requests an earlier payment. TikTok Shop affiliate commissions are paid by TikTok and therefore the creator should contact them for payment details.

7. Creators must email once they have posted a video that complies with the terms and conditions above.

If you have any questions about these terms or about the content of acceptable videos, please send us a message on TikTok or email us at
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